Living with a Superstar: an open book on Shah Rukh Khan’s life


MUMBAI: There is little mystery to what Shah Rukh Khan does, yet in his first tele series, Living with a Superstar, Shah Rukh Khan has proved that everything in his life maybe an open book, but this is one book that never ceases to interest you.

Telecast on Discovery Travel & Living, the first of the 10 part series, which was shown on 26 Feburary, had an all time high TRP rating for the channel, beating even the TRP’s of Hindi and English news channels in the country.

It was Budget Day and trade pundits had predicted that it was a bad day for the channel to start a series on SRK, but the actor chose to put his detractors on the wrong foot. Samar Khan, who directed the series said, "Shah Rukh Khan is a legend. People will never tire seeing him. Whatever he does, generates tremendous interest. In the second episode, which will air on 5 March, we will take a peek at SRK and his time management. The episode is all about how the actor spends his time, juggling between acting, shooting endorsements, running a production house and an IPL team as well as attending public engagements."

The 10 part series has already been declared a hit and the channel believes that the best is yet to come. Khan added, "We shot with SRK for 60 days from the start of IPL last year to this year, February. We have travelled across continents with him to South Africa, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Mumbai and Delhi. And we have saved the best for the last."

Shah Rukh Khan is a show stealer and inspite of knowing every facet of his life, SRK’s life and his story will always remain a bestseller.