MAAC Junior Toon Club introduces animation in school curriculum

    MUMBAI: MAAC Junior Toon Club (MJTC), the education division of Maya Entertainment, has introduced the art of animation school curriculum for K-12 segment primarily targeting students in age group 7 to 14.

    Launched recently, MJTC has evolved a  teaching module that  integrates with the other curriculum of the school and offers fun oriented creative learning to children through techniques of animation.

    In its first role out it has signed-up with Beacon High School, Khar West, to introduce its curriculum as a part of the school curriculum. This initiative will help kids develop their creativity at a very young age. MJTC offering is being first of its kind in the country and it plans to extend the benefit of this program to as many children as possible through introduction of the same in various schools in India.

    MJTC will teach over 350 students at Beacon High, an ICSE school at Khar West. The students will learn various modules of MJTC curriculum such as Fundu Kids, Mixed Media, Movers and Shakes, Watch Out, Advanced animation, Tell a Tale, Toon Shorts and much more. Beacon High school will introduce MJTC curriculum in its subjects for children from Grade 2 to Grade 8 from the academic year starting March 2009.

    Beacon High principal Kashmira Jamali said, “Educator or the learning institute plays a significant role in overall brain development of the child. We’ve found tremendous interest amongst kids towards art of animation as a subject. Kids will love the fact that they can attempt to create animated characters on their own. At primary levels, it becomes an extension of art and drawings and kids are obviously attracted to it.”

    “Our research says the influence of early environment on brain development has long lasting impact on the child’s overall growth into adolescence. The programs are designed to help kids to develop the right brain which focuses on aesthetics, feelings & creativity. We aim to trigger the imagination, self expression, motor skills and creativity of our students through our uniquely designed modules to make our students creatively oriented future leaders” said MJTC head Kinshuk Gupta.

    “MAAC Junior Toon Club programs launched in October last year in two our centers in Mumbai as a test launch, received incredible response from kids and parents, which encouraged us to start the program at primary schools. Upon presenting, the concept was well taken by school managements and PTAs and by April we plan to have around 10 – 15 schools in Mumbai and Delhi offering animation as a part of their curriculum. Subsequently we wish to expand it to as many schools as possible so that in the academic year 2010-11 we have presence in large number of schools in India. The curriculum has developed keen interest overseas as well and we will mature our program to cater to overseas schools as well as we go forward. We are exited to offer this unique blend of formal education and creativity to young students taking forward MAAC’s philosophy of making better youngsters of tomorrow,” he added.