Madhur Bhandarkar names GenX director at Bigadda


    MUMBAI: Film director Madhur Bhandarkar announced Siddharth Sengupta as the next-gen director from his ‘Direct a Movie’ adda on Reliance ADAG’s A total of 290 scripts and videos were uploaded on the website.


    Sengupta, a 21 year old from Kolkatta, made a film on cigarette smoking and its fatal repercussions on mankind and youth. He will now work with Bhandarkar in his future project.


    Commenting on Sengupta’s victory Bhandarkar said, “It was really enthralling to know that a huge number of youngsters in our country are aspiring to become directors, scriptwriters etc. It was a great experience to interact with this budding talent. I am eagerly looking forward to working with Siddharth Sengupta in my future project.”


    An elated Sengupta added, “As soon as I came to know that one could get a chance to with Madhur Bhandarkar, I put in all efforts in creating the video.”