Madhur Bhandarkar trilogy to end on a comic note

Mumbai : Page 3 and Corporate were both part of director Madhur Bhandarkar’s trilogy of films that reflect the present social structure of Mumbai. The thing common between both apart from being a part of a trilogy was that both were serious films with a dark theme. With his forthcoming release, Traffic Signal he shall be completing his trilogy. Traffic Signal is produced by Percept Pictures Company.

Talking to us about his latest film, Bhandarkar says, “My film showcases the underbelly of Mumbai. It is all about the life of people one sees at the traffic signals; the beggars, eunuchs, drug peddlers, newspaper vendors and hawkers, etc. There are a total of 60 characters in my film out of which some are real people from the street.”

So how different is this film in comparison with his earlier two parts of the trilogy?

“For the first time I have attempted a comic approach towards my subject. My film is complete of dark humour,” reveals Bhandarkar.

It seems the current trend of comic films getting better responses at the box office has caught up with Bhandarkar too.

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