Mallika Sherawat walks out of Sachiin Joshi’s next film

Mallika Sherwat
MUMBAI: Having paid the self-styled international star a whopping signing fee (approximately Rs 50 lakhs)  to be part of his next project ‘Mumbai Mirror’, Sachiin Joshi found out that Mallika Sherawat had a number of reservations about the film, and that included the Director. In a panic, Joshi and his crew have spent a large part of the last month trying to convince the Diva that the project is worthy of her august presence.

To no avail.

The deal has fallen through and now we hear that Mallika has walked out of the project. Since the shooting in far-off exotic places was to begin in May, Joshi and his crew are stuck for a leading lady. He is now looking at a last-minute replacement and asking for his money back from Sherawat.

Sachiin Joshi tried to play down the stress level, “Yes, Mallika does have reservations regarding her role and the director. She wasn’t sure if Ankush would be able to deliver. I showed her Ankush’s first film Bhendi Bazaar Inc. You see, Mumbai Mirror goes into an action space completely different from the stylized action that I did in Azaan. It’s like Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya meets Anees Bazmi’s Ready. And I knew Ankush was right to direct it.”

Sachin further adds, “The whole film is set in Mumbai. It’s called Mumbai Mirror because it reflects the harsh reality of the city under the polished surface. We were hunting for a title when my eyes fell on the popular tabloid in my hands. Mumbai Mirror was perfect.”