Mallika Sherawat’s brother needs a gun to protect her

Mumbai: After Murder, Mallika Sherawat had told me she felt helpless, unprotected and vulnerable staying alone in Mumbai.

Why don’t you get your brother to come join you from Rohtak? I had suggested.

Soon after, Mallika’s brother Vikram Lamba joined his sister in Mumbai. Ever since Vikram has been her local guardian.

The gun, which accidentally went off last week in Lamba’s office, has been purchased to protect the star of the family.

Vikram Lamba’s best friend Rahul Bhatt who was with Lamba when the gun went off jumps to his buddy’s defence.

“It was an absolute accident, nothing more. I just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I think I specialize in that,” says Rahul wryly recalling his brush with David Headley that nearly cost his life .

Says Rahul, “Vikram’s semi-automatic misfired. It happened in his office. I was with him , as I am quite often because he’s a friend. It could happen to anyone. Just because it happened to Mallika Sherawat’s brother and just because Mahesh Bhatt’s son happened to be present , such a big deal is being made out.”

Rahul explains why Vikram needs a gun. “Vikram has a sister who’s a star, a celebrity and a target of harmless and not-so-harmless attacks. The gun is to protect Mallika.”

Speaking of his proximity to the Lamba siblings Rahul says, “Vikram is a cultured gentle soul. I am close to him because he isn’t affected by the stardom in his family. As for Mallika, she too is a friend. I find her to be a good human being. But often targeted for being who she is.”

Rahul admits Vikram is in trouble over the misfired gun. “That’s unfortunate. I am with him on this because I know he didn’t mean any harm. I’ve been unnecessarily dragged into the matter.”

The good thing that has come out of the experience is that Rahul has gotten over his wish to get a gun license. “No more guns for me. I want to stay away from anything that can cause harm to a person and to my reputation.”