Marathi cinema going through a significant phase: Palekar


MUMBAI: Veteran actor Amol Palekar is upbeat that Marathi cinema is currently going through a significant phase.


He said due to its location Marathi cinema has borne the brunt of Bollywood most directly and he expressed happiness that Marathi Cinema has come out of that struggle and there are many young filmmakers who are doing exceptional work. “I would like to compare it with the Bengali scene few years ago and Malayalam Cinema as spearhead of meaningful Indian Cinema,” Palekar added.


Palekar  whose film And Once Again has been premiered in IFFI-Goa, 2009, praised his actors for putting in extra efforts in his movies. ‘I find myself in a privileged position. May be I also goad, cajole or sometime scold but by the time film is complete we have such a beautiful bond. With completion of every movie I get that satisfied feeling’ said the veteran filmmaker.


And Once Again  stars actor, director Rajat Kapoor and Rituparna Sengupta  among others. Kapoor said,‘When I am on set as an actor I leave the director at home’. Rituparna Sengupta also echoed the sentiment and said that she was very charged to work with Palekar.