Mashhoor performs stunt without a duplicate

MUMBAI: Legendary Kamaal Amrohi’s grandson Mashhoor Amrohi, who made his debut in Hum Laakh Chhupayein Pyaar… Magar performed a dare devil stunt to impress his love interest to the heroine Vishakha Singh in the movie.

The 24-year-old writer-director-actor shot this sequence on himself at Orchard Street, wherein the hero leaps on a speeding motorbike and crashes against a racing car, ending up saving a toddler and impressing his girlfriend in true filmy style.

Mashhoor, who refused to use a body-double for the sequence says, “The audience today is very clever. It can’t be fooled or taken for granted with special effects or a stuntman. And after all, even a body-double is a human being. If he can do it, so can I.”

“Since the sequence endangered lives, I took extra precaution with body padding and medical back-up. I even rigorously worked out in my gym for two months prior to it, to ensure my stamina didn’t give in while performing this risky stunt, which required a lot of confidence, time precision and physical endurance,” he adds.

The movie is being produced by his father Tajdar Amrohi under the banner of Kaamal Amrohi Pictures and stars debutante Vishakha Singh and Mashhoor with Govinda, Jackie Shroff, Kiran Kumar, Mukesh Rishi, A K Hangal, Mac Mohan, Shehzad Khan and Suvedh Lohia.

Hum Laakh Chhupayein Pyaar… Magar deals with today’s youth and their happy-go-lucky lifestyles; it’s an out-and-out fun movie with plenty of romance. The budget of the film is not yet established,” says Mashhoor.

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