Mauj Mobile unveils mobile content of Sarkar Raj

Mumbai: Mauj Mobile, People Group’s MVAS division, has unveiled its mobile content for Sarkar Raj – the sequel to Sarkar by Ram Gopal Varma. Present at the occasion were People Infocom (Mauj Mobile) CEO Manoj Dawane, Ram Gopal Varma, Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. 

After an association with Sarkar, Mauj now brings Shankar Nagre’s fans a chance to get into the skin of their favorite character with a game based on the storyline of the sequel Sarkar Raj. As Shankar Nagre, you have to solve a kidnapping mystery and prove your innocence, all the while battling your adversaries.

The graphics of the game have been fashioned to highlight the intensity of the movie and the screenplay. Mauj has also customized unique downloads including wallpapers, animations, colour logos, videos and themes.

Dawane said, "Bollywood remains the most popular source of entertainment in India, and hence we are working towards bringing an increased number of Bollywood content. Our previous tie-up with Sarkar was extremely overwhelming and we are sure that Sarkar Raj is bound to garner an even more encouraging response."

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