Mausam confirmed for 23 September; Hum Tum Shabana pushed

Mumbai: In spite of the censor board clearing the film on Tuesday, the release of Mausam has been postponed to 23 September.

The film’s producers claim the delay happened because the certificate was issued late Tuesday evening when it was impossible to send off the prints overseas.

A source from the censor board explains, “A disclaimer was to be added in the beginning of Mausam as per the decision of the Examining Committee. The producer agreed but could not submit the print with the disclaimer till late in the evening. The Regional Officer finished screening another film and then completed the formalities related to Mausam. The censor certificate was immediately issued thereafter.”

The postponement of Mausam has had a snowballing effect on Hum Tum Shabana, which was scheduled to  release on 23 September.

Hum Tum Shabana director Sagar Ballary tells, “With Mausam being pushed to 23 September, we’ve no choice but to go to 30 September although we’ve neither the resources nor the marketing band to sustain a week’s delay. But if we come with Mausam, we’re doomed.”