Max to premiere Murder 2 on 22 October

MUMBAI: Hindi movie channel Max will premiere Vishesh Films’ Murder 2 on 22 October at 8 pm.

Directed by Mohit Suri, Murder 2 is a story about Arjun Bhagwat ex-cop in Goa, who earns his living doing all the wrong and odd jobs. For Arjun, money becomes a priority and he takes up any job that comes his way. Arjun meets Sameer, a known gangster of Goa, who has been suffering a huge loss in his prostitution racket. He tempts Arjun with a heavy sum to carry out investigation about his business and to help him curb his losses.

Priya, a young girl who plays a model in the film, is deeply in love with Arjun and so is he, but is hesitant to admit it as for him money is his priority.
Reshma, a young college girl, is into the profession of prostitution in order to support her family. She becomes the innocent prey to the antagonists Dheeraj who is hypersexual in nature and also a serial killer. As their paths cross with each other, the story unfolds with a thrilling suspense.