Meera returns to Indian screen

Pakistani actress Meera has clarified that she is not disillusioned by Bollywood and is confident of soon making a grand comeback. Meera is returning to India end of this month and hopes to begin work on not one, but three films, simultaneously. Mahesh Bhatt had introduced the Lollywood actress in Nazar. The film had fetched a gross collection of Rs.2,48,62,236. In U.K. the film fetched 17,040 pounds. Unlike Nazar her second film- Rajiv Babbar’s Kasak failed to ring at the box-office.

“I want to tell all my detractors… don’t write me off so soon. I will soon begin work on Mahesh Bhatt’s Akelapan, Neeraj’s Mera Dil Meri Jaan and another film with Feroz Khan. I love India and aim to completely concentrate on Bollywood now,” the actress reveals from Pakistan.

Mahesh Bhatt has confirmed the news. “Meera is playing the lead in Akelapan. She is a wonderful actress and we feel nice having her in our film.”

It can also be noted here that after the Association of Motion Pictures and Television Programme Producers (AMPTPP) declined to investigate her case in regard to the news about the Indo-American film Rockin Meera containing sequences from the real life of the actress, Meera plans to approach the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA) on her return to India, to seek justice in the matter.

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