Meet Asha Bhosle’s new friend – Munna Bhai

MUMBAI: It’s called Asha Bhosle and Friends… this music album by the legendary songstress saw Asha’s first friend Bollywood superstar Sanjay Dutt recording a song with Asha Bhosle at Mumbai’s Sangeet Studio called – Jaiye Jaiye Jaiye… which Sanju finished recording in fifteen minutes flat. Something that had Asha smiling away to glory.


“I was stunned when Sanju recorded it so quickly. And his voice is so much like Kishoreda. It has a masculine feel to it which is missing in many playback singers of today,” says Asha paying a generous compliment to Munna Bhai. “I almost fell off the chair when I heard that you wanted to sing a song with me,” gushed Sanju to Asha and added, “What made you think of me?” Asha told music director Shamir Tandon and the director of the music video S Ramachandran that she wanted to sing with Sanju. “I though she would want a singer. I was stunned when she took Sanju’s name. But then she had done her homework well. Sanju too was rocking. He recorded quicker than most playback singers,” says Tandon.


The 74-year-old singer then proceeded to dance away to glory with Sanju as well. “After doing her lip synch portions, she broke into a dance with Sanju as well. She did rehearse some steps very shyly with me earlier,” says journalist turned director Ramachandran.


“I had sung earlier with his father Sunil Dutt in a film called Yeh Raaste Hai Pyaar Ke. Duttsaab wore a hat to the recording and seemed very tense. I asked him as to why he wore a hat and he said that it was for protection from me,” guffaws Asha energetically.


“It is that very energy that urges her to want to sing with more stars today. She has given us a wishlist and we are trying to make that come true,” chorus Tandon and Ramachandran. Sanju currently is busy showing off his pried posession – the CD of the song to his family and friends who are also amazed by Sanju’s newfound vocal abilities. Asha Bhosle will record more songs for her album which has music by Shamir Tandon with several other Bollywood stars in the days to come.

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