Metallica concert postponed, fans create ruckus

GURGAON: Heavy metal band Metallica’s first ever concert in India here was Friday postponed for a day, organisers said, leading to angry fans going on a rampage and the police launching an inquiry into the incident.

"The concert has been postponed till Saturday due to technical hassles," the organisers, DNA Networks, told reporters.

With a 20,000-strong crowd at the Leisure Valley venue here, disappointed fans became aggressive, a police officer said.

They retaliated by tearing down posters and breaking equipment on the stage, Pradeep Kumar, an engineer from the technical department, told IANS.

"Even though the reason has been given as a technical fault, there was no fault in sound, light and video department," Pradeep Kumar added.

People hurled abuses and threw water bottles at security guards on stage. An LeD wall was damaged as fans threw chairs at it, he said.
Fans from Kerala, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China and Nepal, among others, felt "robbed of their money".

Deputy Commissioner P.C. Meena said: "The organisers did not inform about the cancellation of the programme. The local administration will take legal action against them. An inquiry has been started."

The organisers may even be blacklisted, he added.

"They (organisers) have to explain why they cancelled the event," Police Commissioner S.S. Deshwal told reporters.

The band is slated to perform in Bangalore Sunday.