Microsoft rolls Digital ad platform in India

    MUMBAI: Microsoft launched its digital advertising platform in India that aims to simplify digital advertising and create a larger eco-system connecting advertisers and publishers.

    Microsoft also launched its Video Ad Platform with MSN Video and its mobile advertising initiative.

    Microsoft will provide display, rich media, contextual and video advertising solutions for partners on the platform. NDTV Media, the exclusive sales partner for the Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions, will bring advertisers to the platform. Microsoft also announced the launch of its mobile advertising initiative in India. Advertisers will now be able to buy Search keywords on Live Search deployed on Vodafone Live and also display banners on MSN Mobile portal at

    “In the last one year the online advertising market has grown rapidly, the time is right to build a large digital eco-system by connecting advertisers and publishers on a Platform,” said Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions India head Rajnish.

    “This digital ad platform is significant because of two reasons. It simplifies the processes of advertising online and also provides advertisers an opportunity to reach out to a diverse and high quality audience. For publishers it provides ready access to an existing 350+ advertisers who currently advertise on MSN and Windows Live properties,” added Rajnish.

    “This will help grow the overall Online Ad market in India by bringing traditional advertisers to the new Ad platform. This new platform will enable NDTV Media to expand the number of advertisers by several folds. Our target is to have 750+ advertisers on the Platform by end of calendar year,” said NDTV Media COO Niraj Dutt.

    Microsoft also unveiled its mobile advertising initiatives, speaking on the launch Microsoft India country manager, online services Jaspreet Bindra said, “With more than 200+ million mobile phones in the country advertising solutions on Mobile will help grow the advertiser base. Advertisers can now buy keywords on Live Search deployed on Vodafone Live and also buy display banner ads on MSN Mobile browse portal.”