Mira Nair’s AIDS Jaago project on Jaman


    MUMBAI: Jaman.com will stream for free Mira Nair’s AIDS Jaago, four short dramatic films which aim to dismantle myths and raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.


    The AIDS Jaago films were funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and made by acclaimed Indian filmmakers Mira Nair (Monsoon Wedding, The Namesake), Vishal Bhardwaj, Santosh Sivan and Farhan Akhtar.


    Designed to use the immense power of moviemaking to awaken people about AIDS, the project was the brainchild of Mira Nair and was produced by her company Mirabai Films.


    “We cannot underestimate the potential of film to change behavior and transform the world. These short films have the power to make a big impact on audiences who see them in theaters before popular Bollywood movies, to now a larger population that can now watch them on the global online theater at Jaman,” said Nair.


    From the story of an HIV positive young boy who overcomes stigma at school to a laborer who gets involved in a dangerous love triangle with a frustrated wife and her closeted husband, these rich cinematic mini movies use star-studded casts to showcase prejudices and change behavior.


    “Media changes minds. The AIDS Jaago films assemble some of the brightest of Indian directorial power behind a critical message. These gorgeous, inspiring mini-movies can now be viewed by audiences around the globe in countries most dramatically affected by AIDS,” said Jaman founder and CEO Gaurav Dhillion.