Mishra to co-produce films with Reliance


    MUMBAI: Filmmaker Sudhir Mishra has started the New Year on a new footing. The director, who recently gave Khoya Khoya Chand with Pritish Nandy Communications, has now tied up with Reliance-ADAG’s entertainment wing for two films.

    Mishra will be directing a comic-thriller for the corporate house and co-producing a realistic thriller called Foot Soldier. Both the films are being worked around a medium budget.

    The former is currently in the scripting stage. Speaking exclusively to Businessofcinema.com, Mishra says, “I want to go back to the genre I started off with. This film will be like Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin. People forget that I had made that movie. That was the first portrayal of gangsters who spoke like real people. It was two years before Satya, which is mistaken to be the pioneer of that genre. I will bring back that flavour with this Reliance film.”

    Currently the director is sketching out characters and the actors that will be portraying those have not yet been decided. Like Is Raat.., this film will have two actors as the protagonists.

    Foot Soldier is a film based in Kashmir and will be co-produced by Mishra. Piyush Jha, who worked on Chalo America and King of Bollywood, will be directing Foot Soldier. Again, the casting has not yet been decided so far.

    Mishra was initially looking at a three film deal with Reliance. He says, “This is something I can do immediately. You never know what comes up in the future.”

    Apart from this, he will also be directing PNC’s next film Aur Devdas that stars Shiney Ahuja, Lara Dutta and Soha Ali Khan.