Mithun Chakraborty picks up stake in Kolkata Tigers

Mumbai: In a strategic move, the Indian Cricket League (ICL) recently announced its association with Bengal’s favorite son and Bollywood icon Mithun Chakraborty. As per the alliance, Mithunda will own a stake in ICL’s Kolkata Tigers team and would be instrumental in endorsing and promoting the team.
Speaking on the occasion, Chakraborty said, "I always maintained that sport in Bengal needs a bigger and better platform for promoting sports people from Bengal. Keeping the millions of Bengalis in mind, I have associated with ICL to promote Kolkata Tigers. I would want to see more domestic players becoming national icons from my city of joy."
ICL chairman, executive board Kapil Dev said, "It is heartening to see a living legend of Indian cinema promote sport. There is a lot of similarity in our vision and passion for sport.
Mithunda’s association with the ICL will greatly help in promoting the young domestic players from the eastern region. His support is going to help us display the best cricketing talent from the eastern zone."
ICL is currently promoting the Edelweiss 20s Challenge which is being held in three locations – Hyderabad, Chandigarh (Panchkula) and Gurgaon. The tournament promises 30-days of non-stop pulsating cricket from 9 March to 7 April. Two new teams – Ahmedabad Rockets and Lahore Badshahs have also been added to the existing six teams, making the tournament more comprehensive and competitive. With international cricketers of high stature being added to the league, the quality of cricket is expected to be on par with international standards.