Mobile TV will have 12 mn subscribers in first year

Mumbai: Research and Markets has undertaken a study on Mobile TV in India. This report examines factors that will determine the adoption, popularity and success of mobile TV services in India. The report predicts 12 million subscribers to join in for Mobile TV services in the first year of its launch in India.
To gain in-depth insight into the Indian users’ mind, the report analyzes current mobile usage patterns, mobile services expenditures and users’ inclinations to adopt new content-based services.
The analysis is based on the responses of 1,215 mobile users in six leading Indian cities, extensive interviews with senior industry executives and in-depth secondary research.
In addition, Springboard has analyzed mobile services’ association with various media, such as the Internet and television. According to Springboard, India’s market for Mobile TV services will reach US$360 Million in 2008. 
"Mobile TV marries the two dominant consumption trends of entertainment and mobile telephony in India," said Springboard Research manager, syndicated research Ravi Shekhar Pandey. "The market is ripe for the launch of Mobile TV Services and we believe that India will have around 12 million mobile TV subscribers within the first year of launch of service."
According to the report, 84% of mobile phone users are interested in using Mobile TV service provided the service is commonly available and affordable. Close to 60% of these will prefer watching the same content that they get on TV at home. News, sports, music videos and game shows were the four dominant types of content that the surveyed users will prefer watching on mobile TV.
"Mobile telephone operators will have an advantage over standalone mobile TV operators in that the former already have users subscribing to their value-added services. However, the success of either operator will be dependent on content offered and price charged for the service," added Pandey.
Among the recommendations as part of the report, service providers should offer on-demand, pay-per-view option that does not tie a user to a monthly subscription for Mobile TV. The report also recommends close cooperation between mobile operators and broadcasters for a profitable business model for Mobile TV service in India.

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