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Woh Lamhe




Cast: Shiney Ahuja and Kangana Ranaut


Director: Mohit Suri


Mahesh Bhatt has a tendency to be overtly autobiographical at times. Using his life as a precursor to tell a story, Bhatt has often gotten into creating momentary pleasures on screen, which sometimes have also culminated in creating a lasting impact on our psyche – case in point – Arth on the triangular love saga between him, his first wife Kiran and Parveen Babi, his lover.


Woh Lamhe is yet another of those biopics with a high dose of fiction and adrenalin to enable viewer interest in the film.


Sana Azim (Kangana Ranaut) is an actress who is aspiring to make it big. A film director Aditya Grewal (Shiney Ahuja) is using her recklessly as an artifice to achieve his goals in life.


He ends up falling in love with her but it happens a bit too late. Sana stars hallucinating. Watch out for the brilliant scene of Sana ‘s alleged roommate… on her existence… Sana loses her sanity and is pushed into a sanctuary to recover… these are probably the best moments of the film.


The idea of a metrosexual male, and his crying is fine, but too much of the hero’s tears in a film set up like a Bhatt camp (Shah Rukh Khan crying in a Chopra or a Johar film is still loved by women) could wash the audiences away from the theatre. Shiney Ahuja’s more than enthusiastic tears overflow beyond a certain point. (Film Editor, please note).


However, overall performances are brilliant. After thrillers like Zeher and Kalyug, Mohit Suri comes up with a well crafted film with multiple emotions and romance… a trend that the Bhatts hoped to tee off with Gangster.


The shocking ending of the film however is a thought, which people need to digest and that may prove a deterrent in the film’s overall collections. But going by the Bhatt’s track record to shock and certain moviegoers’ segment to absorb those alarms, the film could still make it big at the turnstiles.

S. Ramachandran

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