Moser Baer launches new optical media products

MUMBAI: Moser Baer has added to its vast optical storage media product range by introducing two new products: Dual Layer discs for more data storage capability and LightScribe discs for professional labeling solutions.
The two new product formats, which have been successful in the international market, are now being introduced in India for the first time.
The Dual Layer product offers customers twice the storage capacity of an ordinary DVD on the same standard size disc. Up to 8.5GB of data can be stored on Dual Layer discs by putting a second physical layer on a disc. Drives with dual layer capability access the second layer by shining the laser through the first layer, which is semi-transparent. The product is ideal for individuals and institutions with high storage needs. These include media houses and broadcasting organizations.
LightScribe is a direct graphic printing and labeling technology that enables customers to create their own disc labels using the optical disc writer. The labels thus created are longer lasting and do not fade from exposure to indoor lighting. The technology offers a convenient and low-cost method to create professional labeling solutions. The product is ideal for professional users in creative arts and photography and also professionals engaged in regular data exchange. These discs also allow for efficient labeling of occasions like birthdays and holidays.
Moser Baer Blank Optical Media and Consumer Products businesses CEO Bhaskar Sharma said, "We have been one of the two top global suppliers of the Dual Layer and LightScribe formats in the international market. I am delighted to be introducing these two products in the Indian market. Moser Baer has been constantly pioneering and innovating in the optical storage media space and these new products further reinforce our leadership position in this space."
Moser Baer’s LightScribe DVDs are available in 10-pack cake boxes for a price of Rs 430, while the CD counterpart is available in 10-pack slim cases for Rs 400. and 10-pack cake boxes for Rs 250. Moser Baer’s Dual Layer DVDs are available in five-pack jewel cases for Rs 700 and Rs 650 for 10-pack cake boxes.