Moser Baer participates in IITF Delhi

MUMBAI: This year optical disc and home video giant Moser Baer will be participating at the India International Trade Fair (IITF) popularly known as Trade Fair.

The IITF has on display a wide range of products and services; to cater each and every class of society as well as this annual event provides a common platform for the manufacturers, traders, exporters and importers.

This two week fair started on 14 November and will end on 27 November at Delhi’s Pragati Maidan. Moser Baer has already entered the home video market by obtaining rights for over 7,000 Indian films and have made DVDs and VCDs priced at just Rs 34 and Rs 28 respectively.

Moser Baer India entertainment division CEO Harish Dayani said that he did not anticipate any problems from pirates and said that the low price in fact gave an opportunity to them to turn into legitimate distributors. He said that adequate research had been carried out before the decision to enter the home video market was taken. “The demands of consumers were beyond our expectation and I am thankful to God that I am able to fulfill their demands. In this way piracy can be eradicated, due to which the entertainment industry is incurring crores of loss every year,” he said.

Moser Baer also recently inaugurated the online website, in order to reach consumers directly. The website has online payment mechanism for consumers to buy products. The website offers titles in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Non-film titles and soon titles from English, Telugu, Marathi and other languages will be made available.