Moser Baer releases five world cinema films on DVD


MUMBAI: Lumière Movies and Moser Baer have released five award –winning international films on DVD in India.


The titles are Umberto D, Turtles Can Fly, Out Of Bounds, Lacombe Lucien and Elevator to the Gallows. Every subsequent month would see five more titles being released in the retail market.


Umberto D, made by the director of The Bicycle Thieves, Vittorio di Sica has been universally recognized as a must watch classic and has won among others, The Grand Prize at the Festival de Cannes. Turtles Can Fly, another movie directed by Bahman Ghobadi won at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2005. Out Of Bounds, a slick action thriller delivers all the gritty excitement of an international blockbuster. The other two films to be released on DVD include Lacombe Lucien and Elevator To The Gallows, both directed by Louis Malle.


Lumière Movies business head and Turner General Entertainment Networks senior vice president Dhruvank Vaidya said, "We are very happy to partner with Moser Baer which is known for its robust distribution network and great customer value for the release of our films on DVD. Through this association, we will be releasing new titles every month and are confident of fulfilling the demand for great international movies for our patrons. Among the DVDs to be launched, Umberto D is a definite must have in every personal DVD collection. Louis Malle’s films have also been extremely popular among international audiences. Contemporary titles such as Turtles Can Fly and Out Of Bounds have garnered international acclaim at major film festivals and also got a great response during their theatrical release in India last year."


Moser Baer Entertainment CEO – home video – G. Dhananjayan added, "Moser Baer is proud to associate with Lumière Movies in offering top class world cinema titles to Indian customers at affordable prices. Moser Baer had launched the world cinema series in 2009 and has been offering popular titles like Seven Samurai, Chaplin and in that series are delighted to offer must see films like Umberto D, Turtles Can Fly, Lacombe Lucien, Elevator To The Gallows and Out Of Bounds in this series. The world cinema titles are offered at Rs 399 and we are confident the connoisseurs of World Cinema would love our new offering."