Movico pumps $1mn in system for producers


    MUMBAI: Movico Technologies Private Limited, the technology startup in the video software products domain, has come out with India’s first Digital Asset Management/Production Management System for television and film producers.

    The company will invest over $1 million in next seven months to create and upgrade its digital asset management system to help television and film producers maximise the potential of their video assets.

    The Movico System, codenamed MediaBaron is designed to meet the needs of the ever increasing number of content producers and television channels. It integrates all the elements of production and provides a single-point control over the entire process. MediaBaron consists of several modules for various stages of production, with information of each stage available to the others on a single, consistent user-interface.
    Movico Technologies, Director and Co-Founder, Arvind Jha stated, “Content owners are not being able to monetize their valuable assets effectively primarily due to the challenges with asset management and content discoverability. Movico is investing more than $1 million to create a sophisticated, tightly integrated, multi-purpose video production, storage and broadcast management system capable of handling enterprise class loads”, he added.

    Director and Co-Founder, S. N. Rai added, “MediaBaron allows unmanaged video assets to be utilized for re-purposing or leveraging for the new media and new audiences constantly emerging in the world today. MediaBaron is designed to alleviate the cost burden faced by the Industry and requires low investment as it is hardware independent”.

    Director and Co-Founder, V.N. Saroja commented, “The business of digital video management is currently pegged at $70 million and is estimated to grow to $300 million by 2013. The industry is currently challenged with high-cost hardware based solutions that require investment in hundreds of thousands of dollars — Which is why, most producers end up putting off the purchase of a good digital asset management solution that can track and maximize the potential of their video assets. The result is unpredictable cost loads and erratic production schedules which plague the Industry today.”

    MediaBaron family of products and solutions suit all kinds of producers and distributors of content.