Film: MP3 (Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar)


Director: Robby Grewal


Producer: Percept Picture Company


Cast: Ruslaan and Hazel


Release Date: 8 June, 2007




Percept Picture Company’s forthcoming movie ‘Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar’ is a film that depicts teen ‘Puppy love’, and is here to enthrall the audiences into the world of popcorn and candy floss entertainment. The movie is slated for a June 8, 2007 release and stars the next teen heart throb on the block ‘Ruslaan’ and his stunning co-star ‘Hazel’.


The film opens up with chocolate boy Rohan (Ruslaan), the male lead of the film, catching a little more than the usual forty winks. As he wakes up just on time to scuttle away on his bicycle to school, en route his close friend Sudhir joins in.


Enter Ayesha (Hazel), a bright young fresher on her first trip to school who ends up having this bizarre first time experience with Rohan, while the latter is bunking class uses her as a shield to protect himself from the seething school principle.


The meet ups thereafter are full of drama as they realise that their mothers are school pals. After all the wisecracks and leg pulling at each others expense, the two fall in love.


The crux of the story is to be determined when an upset Ayesha moves to France with her aunt after a tussle over Rohan’s ego and sleep patterns.


How does Rohan react to the situation and would he be able to meet his Lady Love ever again? Would umpteen hurdles and the far thrown distance from the Eiffel Tower cement an end to their relationship?


For all this and more, watch out for this teeny bopper this June 8, 2007 as it takes you back into the world of ‘Youth and Mush’ galore!!


Character Sketch


Sports enthusiast yet a lover of slumber, Rohan, the only child of rich parents, is never intimidated by anything or anyone, except his father.  A regular at skipping classes, his life takes a swirling turn when his heart skips a beat for a girl. The simply clever, good-at-heart and audacious Rohan takes on the adventure of a lifetime when he decides, against the wisdom of the friends and the world, to take a secret trip to Paris, just to meet his girlfriend.



Simple minded girl with a sense of responsibility- from supporting her working mother at home to not littering the streets with chocolate wrappers. A straightforward non-scheming person, Ayesha’s nature and beauty are an instant swipe on Rohan. She suffers at times because of her naivety. But as an upfront person, it is not difficult for her to come out of problems. Especially when she is firm believer in the strength of love.