MPA unveils anti-camcording trailer in Taiwan


MUMBAI: The Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) has jointly launched a new anti-camcording trailer in Taipei.

With assistance from the Government Information Office (GIO), the trailer is to be played at theaters nationwide in Taiwan and broadcast on local television stations, it is learnt. The trailer raises the awareness of the growing crime of illegal camcording of movies. In a first for an MPA anti-piracy trailer released in Taiwan, the anti-camcording trailer is set in Taiwan with a back-shot of the Taipei 101 building in the opening scenes. Furthering the local flavour, a well known local producer, Wang Wei Chung, has provided the voice over to the trailer.

The MPA produced trailer is jointly sponsored by TIPO and GIO and as a result of the direct actions of the GIO the trailer is to be screened in 131 Taiwanese theatres (697 screens) for the month of June. The trailer will also be broadcast on six Taiwanese Free- To-Air (Taiwan TV, CTV, CTS, FTV, Hakka TV and TITV) stations for a four month period commencing 1 June 2007.

The trailer launch comes during a two month long region-wide MPA anti-piracy enforcement campaign, code named Operation Tripod, running in 13 countries and territories across the Asia-Pacific region. While targeting the production, distribution, export and sale of pirated movies throughout the region and around the world, Operation Tripod will also focus on the illegal camcording of newly released titles in cinemas. By cracking down on the availability of illegally pirated movies in retail shops, markets and street vendors during this peak summer period, when major blockbusters are released, the MPA hopes to protect sales of cinema tickets and legitimate DVDs, and VCDs in the Philippines and throughout Asia Pacific.

Operation Tripod operations will be conducted in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.