MPC, Raj Comics to roll superhero movie


MUMBAI: Animation studio Motion Pixel Corporation (MPC) and Raj Comics have collaborated to develop, produce and distribute a theatrical film release based upon popular Raj Comics property – Nagraj.

The announcement was made by MPC chairman Manny Bains and Raj Comics CEO Manish Gupta. Production on the Nagraj animated movie will begin immediately in a unique 2D style format.

The multi-million dollar agreement will see MPC and Raj Comics share in certain revenues derived from the properties, with MPC funding development, production and distribution. Raj Comics will be handling all merchandising in connection with the films.

Nagraj (Snake-King) was created in late 1980s and the series’ sales have surpassed over 100 million comics. The storylines employ a rich blend of thrill, action, adventure, drama, fiction and mythology; to cater to a wide range of target audiences. Nagraj was originally conceived as an enemy of international terrorism, an idea well ahead of its times. A parallel comic series that focuses on Nagraj’s fight against world terrorism has been recently started and has received critical acclaim.

The launch of the film would be accompanied with events, toys, games, graphic novels, and a huge array of merchandising products.

“We believe this would cause a great euphoria amongst the huge fan base that has been patiently waiting to see their superhero on the big screen. Notwithstanding the excitement associated we feel a great challenge and carry a heavy burden to produce a product of international quality. We plan to expand the brand worldwide dubbing it many different languages including English and Spanish apart from Hindi. We are very pleased with MPC’s high quality animation. Besides its technical prowess, MPC understands and shares our creative vision for ‘Nagraj’,” said Gupta.

“At MPC, we are continuing to build partnerships and alliances with top companies in India. Raj Comics has a very popular and exciting brand in Indian entertainment and it continues to enhance our portfolio of releasing several high quality animated films to become the top animated studio in the Bollywood market,” said Bains.