MTNL launches ROK’s iPlayer mobile video service in India


    MUMBAI: ROK Entertainment Group, has launched its mobile video service iPlayer with MTNL in India.

    Priced at Rs 30 per month, subscribers will be able to receive, streamed to or for download on their mobile phones, up to 90 video clips per month to include live breaking news, daily astrology predictions, Bollywood news, Bollywood music, sports news, comics and comedy clips.

    MTNL has begun promoting the ROK iPlayer service to their two million customer base in Mumbai through SMS promotions on a daily basis.

    "This MTNL-version of ROK’s iPlayer is a new mobile entertainment service which we have developed specifically for India. And we are very excited to be launching the service with MTNL and, because iPlayer offers such excellent value for money with regards to mobile entertainment, we look forward to significant subscription uptake," said ROK chairman and CEO Jonathan Kendrick.

    ROK, best known for its high quality Mobile TV service which is streamed over mass-market 2.5G GPRS as well as 3G and Wi-Fi, has amassed a portfolio of revenue-generating mobile applications which it licenses to Mobile Operators around the world.