MTV launches MTV


MUMBAI: MTV launches MTV will give a peek into the lives of the youth, their thoughts, even their fears.

The site captures things as it happens. The website is an open network and knowledge share platform where one can get regular SMS feeds, newsletters and youth insights.

MTV India head Aditya Swamy says, “It is always exciting to find out new things and that’s what a day in MTV is all about. With MTV Play, we work with a diverse group of young people on a real time basis, which keeps us plugged into what’s happening with an 18 year old. And we are happy to share this knowledge with partners, friends and anyone else who might be interested… Happy Playing.”

The project has been co-created along with a core team comprising 100+ collegians across 10+ cities in India. All of them have been handpicked through on-ground and on-line selection to form MTV I-Speak – the exclusive youth community of MTV. The youth network shares their views through closed community blogs, wall posts, and videos therefore the observations are non-intrusive and unforced. The insights are backed by extensive research by Third Eye Research Agency and MTV Insight Studio. Third Eye Research agency is a boutique qualitative research organization with more than 20 years of experience in India. This is further substantiated through MTV’s body of Indian and International research. Theses researches are mix of qualitative and quantitative researches spanning 1000-3000 audiences.