Mumbai Cutting premiered at IFFLA

Mumbai: The cream of Bollywood directors was present for the world premier of Mumbai Cutting at Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA), Arclights Hollywood on 27 April.

White Cloud Production CEO Niyati Shah said, "All the directors have portrayed the myriad flavors of the city in 10-minute story capsules. It’s extremely challenging to tell a story in the span of 10 minutes that too in a film format but the directors have simply outdone themselves!"  

Accordingly, director Rituparno Ghosh gives his view on the seductive pull of Mumbai and Jahnu Barua explores the effect of a stranger. These acclaimed national award winners for a change are not gunning at each other but standing side by side cheering each other.

Not to be left behind, Anurag Kashap and Sudhir Mishra will be sharing space for once not being able out do each other. Kashap has worked on the effect of Mumbai on Delinquent Juveniles while Mishra is delving on the apathy in society.

There will also be debutant director Ayush Raina and Shahshank Ghosh. According to Ghosh, Mumbai Cutting not just portrays the "life of a Mumbaikar but also of refugees like me, who’ve left their homeland and found a new home here". At the same time, Ruchi Narain feels Mumbai Cutting will give an out of the box experience to the viewer.  

According to Revathy, "this film has a thread called ‘Mumbai’ that is running throughout. I’ve shown a facet of Mumbai where how human rights are taken for granted by the victims of injustice and where sexual favors are just a way of life and not an eye raising issue…"

For Manish Jha the whole idea of making a film on Mumbai is what got him excited, that too with directors of such high caliber "My film in Mumbai Cutting is an optimistic one. It’s city of hope and that’s what my film portrays".

Also, veteran director Kundan Shah is back after a long hiatus bringing with him his enviable sarcasm and black comedy style in Mumbai Cutting. Mentor Kundhan Shah and disciple Sudhir Mishra will be sharing space at IFFLA. This is a treat by itself.

IFFLA festival director Christina Marouda feels, "To close with a unique project such as Mumbai Cutting…A City Unfolds, simply underscores our dedication to provide a platform for films that we feel deserve to be seen by audiences in Los Angeles as well as throughout the US."