Music India touches down in the UK


MUMBAI: Music India will now be available in UK as part of the Sky Digital bouquet, free-to-air on Sky Digital 829.

The idea of Music India is to serve the growing trans-global Indian community with the need for quality entertainment.

A subsidiary of Media Worldwide, Music India has already carved a niche in the minds of viewers across the Indian subcontinent, precipitating its expansion to the UK market.

This is a Hindi music channel that plays Bollywood and commercial Hindi pop music 24 hours a day. The package has a full range of Bollywood musical genres and related programming. They also present up-to-date film news, Bollywood celebrity gossip and star interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and peeps into Bollywood backyards.

Commenting about the arrival of Music India in the UK, Music India director Prashant Chothani said, “As we continue to grow and expand organically, the next step has been to launch into the UK market. On the basis of years of experience within the industry, our professional team, which is made up of experts with an insightful knowledge of the worldwide marketplace, including the UK, have put together a package that is unparalleled by our competitors, and is sure to win the favour of audiences across the UK.”

“In keeping with the expansive tastes of differing demographics that comprise the billion odd population of India, we have had to put ourselves several steps ahead of the game and ensure that our schedule of programming caters for all tastes and interests,” he added.