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‘My Bollywood Bride’ tells the story of Alex, a Venice Beach ad copywriter who dreams of writing a novel someday. He meets and romances Indian beauty Reena while she is on a vacation in California. Torn by her blossoming feelings for Alex and her Indian family values and obligations, Reena returns home without being able to say good bye. Alex inspired by her to ‘follow his dream’ decides to follow her to Mumbai and win her back and takes some courageous leaps of change.  The trouble is Alex couldn’t be more out of his element on the sub-continent, not helped by the fact Reena has kept something very important about herself from him. Reena is the biggest Bollywood film star of India! However with the help of a rambunctious rickshaw driver and some of Reena’s friends, Alex just might have a chance at winning her back and following his dream.


JASON LEWIS as Alex: Best known to global audiences for his starring role on HBO series, Sex and the City, Jason was a world class male model for years ranked number one in his profession as he represented fashion houses like Guess for over ten years. After becoming an actor, Jason was soon hailed as the next hottest star and hunk in Hollywood cinema. He is highly ranked in popularity surveys and has a large audience of fans worldwide. It has been recently announced on and in Variety that Jason will be the lead of the big budget film HE-MAN directed by John Woo. Jason is also starring in a new feature film called Searching for Sarah. This propels him firmly into the star category.

KASHMERA SHAH as Reena: Kashmera has also co-authored the screenplay.

A former model and beauty queen, Kashmera has acted on the big screen and on stage for seven years. She is best known for her roles in such hits as Yes Boss and Jungle, as well as for her acclaimed dancing numbers in Movies like Vaastav, Aankhen and Murder. Her acting performance in Jungle earned her a coveted Best Supporting Actress nomination in the Indian Film Industry. Kashmera moved from prominent co-starring roles to lead parts- notably, in a highly anticipated series of films including one in which she plays Revati, a poor rag picker who finds her dignity in a journey of self discovery.

Kashmera was recently ranked among the Top 35 All Time Actresses in India.

GULSHAN GROVER as Shekhar:  One of India’s hardest working and most familiar actors. Gulshan can claim over 200 films to his credit and is undoubtedly a household name; whether as a villain on mainstream Bollywood films or indeed in the hard-hitting roles he often tackles in local art house fare. Armed with a great range, and awards to prove it, Gulshan is sure to leave a mark in My Bollywood Bride.

SANJAY SURI as Bobby: Former Indian model turned actor, Sanjay has an impressive range of acting displayed in carefully selected film projects. His last several films; Jhankaar Beats, Dhoop and Pinjar have all been nominated for awards. Sanjay has quickly grown popular with Bollywood fans and Indian film goers abroad with starring his starring role in the immensely popular Jhankaar Beats and his recent release Plan. His strong range of acting combined with on screen good looks makes him the ideal choice for Bobby.

NEHA DUBEY as Alisha: Daughter of famous Indian actress, Lillette Dubey, Neha is poised to be one of India’s leading actresses. She is currently starring in several lead roles including The Perfect Husband which is showing at the Cannes
Film Festival and other films soon to be released. Neha is often seen in stage play theatre as she prides herself on her strong acting sensibilities not unlike her very talented mother.


DUNCAN CLARK, Executive Producer & Consultant: As President of Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International, Clark was directly responsible for the marketing & distribution of all Columbia TriStar products including Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Sleepless in Seattle, and My Best Friend’s Wedding & Men in Black.

Clark’s services were secured through PME, a company in which Clark is one of the three partners. The added resource of PME is an added asset to the production as is the extensive experience of PME CEO Doug Falconer.

RICHARD MARTINI, Co- Writer & Associate Producer: Originally worked as an Assistant to Academy Award winner Robert Towne. In addition, he wrote and directed You Can’t Hurry Love, Limit Up, Point of Betrayal and Cannes Man.

JOHN DRAKE, Director of Photography: Has been nominated twice for Best Cinematography (LEO, DVD Premiere Awards) and has film credits that include: Christina’s House, 11:11 The Gate and Hell raiser, Hell Seeker. John shot My Bollywood Bride using over 40 different locations all across the globe.  

MICHAEL TRENT, Editor: Has been assistant Editor to Michael Kahn on almost every Steven Spielberg film going back to Amistaad and includes Saving Private Ryan, Minority Report and The Terminal. Michael edited My Bollywood Bride in L.A as well as in India.

Executive Producers of My Bollywood Bride also include Doug Falconer, CEO of Pacific Media Entertainment, Ashok Rao- first Indo American to run a US Public Company, a highly regarded technologist, executive and philanthropist, and Vivek Wadhwa- well known founder of Relativity Inc. and featured columnist of Business Week.

Co- Executive Producers: Dr. Daljit Buttar and Balwinder Bajaj

Associate Producers: Ruchi Gupta, Harit Kapadia, Richard Martini

BRADLEY M. LISTERMANN, Story, Screenwriter & Producer: Starting in 1990 and over the course of only 8 years, Bradley Listermann was able to successfully assist various companies and investors with millions of dollars in financing through his investment banking while continuing his graduate education where he was awarded a Masters of Science in Business Administration with distinction.

Listermann studied film marketing from the Hollywood Film Institute (the same school attended by Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie) to round out his extensive knowledge of film production and direction.

RAJIV VIRANI, Director: The holder of a Masters of the Arts Degree in Broadcast Communication Arts from San Francisco State University, Virani enjoys a highly successful career in the world of music videos and commercials, where he has established himself as a top talent. He has directed countless hours of live as well as pre-recorded television including television, including major sporting events for sports channels ESPN, fashion and style magazines, talk shows and several multiple camera productions. Eclectic and possessing a unique talent for catching the right shot on the fly, Virani brings considerable experience and top tier professionalism to My Bollywood Bride.

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