My Name Is Khan: Karan Johar’s experimental tales


MUMBAI: It made for a perfect picture. Karan Johar flanked by his favourite co-stars, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol as the trio walked into the set at Mumbai’s Filmistan Studios, for the last day of this 14 day schedule. Since 12 March, the unit of My Name is Khan has been shooting some interior scenes at this studio.

Johar’s close associate on the film gave some insight on the film. “Karan and I go back to the days of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and I have seen him grow as a director. He has built a reputation with the kind of movies he has made. But with My Name is Khan he is going against everything that he has built upon. Like for instance, this film does not have the lavish sets, grandeur of character or designer clothes, that he has always been associated with. Both Shah Rukh and Kajol play a middle class couple in America. They are simple people dealing with simple issues,” the associate says.

Johar’s associate’s revelation tallies with what both Khan and Kajol wore for the shooting. While Kajol wore trousers and a top, Khan was dressed in jeans and a white shirt.

He also revealed that Johar has experimented with the music. He said, “The film has two romantic tracks and a crusade song. None of the songs are in lip sync, but will play in the background. This is an all new Karan and I think he is taking such a big risk with this film. It is not just a film, it is a sign of things that have happened in Karan’s life, which is now being reflected in his film making.”

Johar replied with a smile when he was told of his associate’s observations. And all he said was, “I cannot think right now. I have to direct an important scene between Shah Rukh and Kajol, we will chat once this schedule is over.”

Johar will start his next schedule in a couple of days before he plans for his 40 day schedule in San Francisco. But for all SRK fans, here is some good news, the sling is off and he is well on his way to recovery after his shoulder operation.