Nandy honoured at Golden Peacock awards


MUMBAI: Pritish Nandy Communications’ chairman Pritish Nandy will be given the award for Corporate Innovations for the Protection of the Environment 2007 at the Golden Peacock Awards.

The awards will be held under the chairmanship of Justice former Chief Justice of India and Member, UN Human Rights Commission P N Bhagwati.

The award was announced at a special function held in Himachal Pradesh as part of the International Convention on Corporate Response to Climate Change in the presence of eminent business leaders, policy makers, opinion formers and climate change experts from twenty countries on 9 June 2007.

“A motion picture company has to be as socially responsible as any other manufacturing company, if not more, because it influences the mind and behaviour of millions of people all over the world through its movies. PNC sees its role as a thought leader in the area of environmental and species protection and strongly believes that movies can and must change the way we treat ecological and wildlife issues. Al Gore and Leonardo de Caprio raised this at the Oscars in Hollywood this year. We, in India, have been campaigning for this for years and are proud to be recognized for this achievement,” says Nandy.