Nanhe Jaisalmer

Film: Nanhe Jaisalmer

Produced by: Top Angle Productions, Dharam Motion Pictures and K Sera Sera.

Writer/Director: Samir Karnik

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Faith and imagination…That’s what keeps us going. Faith and imagination…what would we do without them?

Young or old, rich or poor, it is our faith that fuels our imagination: our imagination that realizes our faith. Young Nanhe speaks four foreign languages, but he’s and ‘anghoota chap’! He’s all of ten years old, but he’s the sole breadwinner of the family. He lives in rajhastan, but his room is as full of colourful poster, as his imagination is full of vivid dreams.But unlike any other ten year olds his dreams are not fickle…not likely to change from day to day. Nanhe has just one dream…just one cocnstant hope that keeps him dimpling through the hardships of life. That one day he will meet his dost, his best friend, actor Bobby Deol! He makes his sister Suman write a letter to his dost every day; sharing all his news, his big battles, his little triumphs.

He sees each and every film of his dost. His room is filled with cuttings and photographs of his dost. He lives, breathes, talks- Dost. All of Nanhe’s waking moments are consumed by Dost. Then one day, one fantastic day, Nanhe actually comes face to face with his dost- Bobby Deol! And Nanhe’s life changes forever.

Bobby Deol as Bobby Deol: As a star, he is used to fans and their adulation. But then he meets a young fan, who absolutely idolizes him and regards him as his best friend. Bobby the star becomes Bobby the wise, as he teaches his young friend life’s most important lessons.

Vatsal Seth/Dwij Yadav as Nanhe Jaisalmer: Charmiing but obstinate, he refuses to study, refuses to attend school, refuses to stop chewing guthka. He idolizes Bbby Deol. He believes that his faith is his strength and knows, however impossible the odds, that one day he will meet his dost.

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