NDTV launches television production company


MUMBAI: NDTV has launched its independent production group called RedDot Productions, which will create content for television and interactive media.

RedDot Productions is slated to offer an array of services like – documentaries, corporate films, advertiser-driven audio-visuals, media consultancy, learning aids, spots and PSAS, training modules and various genres of television programming ranging from travel, lifestyle, youth oriented and reality based shows.

NDTV Group chairman Dr. Prannoy Roy said, "RedDot is a team of NDTV’s most creative and talented people. It will be producing shows not only for all our channels, but also for other non-NDTV channels. With this launch, RedDot aims at leading the country with path breaking shows and create new standards that will bring world class production qualities to India."

RedDot Productions creative head Richa Sahai added, "RedDot Productions will broaden the scope of what NDTV is known for within India and overseas. It will be a return to NDTV’s roots and core values of being a lean, efficient set-up run by a team of creative individuals producing high quality programming."