NDTV Lumière acquires Finnish director Kaurismaki’s films


Mumbai: NDTV Lumière has acquired the rights to films by noted international director Aki Kaurismaki. The library contains over 10 critically acclaimed films such as Juha, Leningrad Cowboy Meets Moses, Take Care of Your Scarf, Total Balalika Show, La Vie De Boheme and I Heard a Contract Killer amongst others.

The repertoire of films is a new addition to the NDTV Lumière library of over 300 films across genres from drama, animation and comedy to horror, thrillers and political dramas. These films include popular, critically acclaimed films from across the world and also the finest award-winning international cinema from Cannes, Berlin, Sundance, Toronto, Pusan, Locarno, Venice Film Festival and other international film festivals.

The Kaurismaki collection will be made available by NDTV Lumière through a variety of platforms including theatre releases, home video, a 24 hour TV Channel on digital platforms, pay-per-view and internet.

Announcing the acquisition of this library of films, NDTV Lumière director Sunil Doshi said, "It is our constant endeavor to bring in the very best in World Cinema to audiences in India. The acquisition of movies from Aki Kaurismaki’s collection of movies is a big step in that direction. His films are celebrated for their concise style and unforgettable characters. We are confident that they will be appreciated by film aficionados across the country".