NDTV Lumière to release Spanish film Padre Nuestro


MUMBAI: NDTV Lumière will be releasing the Spanish thriller Padre Nuestro this month.

Directed by Christopher Zalla, the movie draws from his own cross-border experiences. The thriller movie hits PVR Cinemas across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore on 5 September, 2008.

Padre Nuestro is a suspenseful drama about stolen identities where Pedro and Juan, both immigrants on their way to New York have their identities irretrievably entwined. Juan impersonates Pedro to gain the trust and fortune of Pedro’s estranged father, Diego.

Zalla’s celebrated debut film tackles issues of identity and morality in a world where nothing is what it appears to be. On a much deeper level it’s also a film about family relationships and the ambiguous nature of morality.

Post the September 11 attack, Zalla was compelled to script Padre Nuestro due to the sensitive turn taken by New York City. Like so many others, Zalla rushed to the World Trade Center in an attempt to help in the rescue effort. Amidst all the devastation and rubbles Zalla sensed the nerves of New York City. It was a sense of emotional awakening as Zalla experienced the basic stuff that bound people together.

The crew of Padre Nuestro has people from over 20 countries each one of whom has collaborated to this process of film-making.