Neetu Chandra goes hi-tech; launches her website


MUMBAI: Neetu Chandra has realized the importance of keeping in touch with her fans. The actress has launched her personal website in an attempt to communicate with the people who have put her in the limelight.

Speaking to, she said, “For a long time starting a website has been on my mind and now finally I have managed to do it. It is a fantastic way to let your fans know what you are doing. It is also great to interact on a one on one basis with your fans.”

Neetu’s website has a lot of pictures, videos and writings of her latest film’s and activities. The Garam Masala actress said, “Sometimes some pictures are not up to the mark to be on any portal or website, but your personal website will carry the best of you. And it is important for those who mean a lot to you, should get to see the real you.”

Elaborating on the content of her website, Neetu revealed, “I have different recipes, my favourite pastime and hobbies and things you would not know about me by seeing my films. You would get to know me beyond the realm of my movies.”

The website can be found at