Neha Dhupia plays a back row dancer


MUMBAI: Neha Dhupia is working hard on her role of a back row dancer in Pappu Can’t Dance Saala.

A source close to the actress said, "Neha did a thorough research on back dancers before embarking on the role. She met and interacted with them on a close level. Neha wanted to know the kind of lifestyle they had. Neha even adopted the kind of look back dancers had."

Dhupia coloured her hair red because she noticed that all those back dancers that she had met had that colour. Dhupia also observed that most back row dancers had a habit of chewing gums while waiting for the shot on the sets. Dhupia adopted that style for her character too."

By the end of it Dhupia had become one with the back dancers so much so that her co-star Vinay Pathak failed to recognize her on the sets. "Once Vinay did not recognize Neha at all and took her to be a back row dancer. It was only when Dhupia began talking to him did he realize her presence," said the source.