Never imagined families would watch Vicky Donor: Shoojit Sircar



MUMBAI: Humbled by the appreciation received for his ‘Vicky Donor’, the Director – Shoojit Sircar, shares how he never expected the film to be lauded so much, especially by the general audience.

"I never imagined that families would turn up to watch Vicky Donor. When a person hasn’t had a release for six years, he cannot imagine such a success. I was very pessimistic about it. It’s a quirky film, not a mainstream one. But now youngsters are asking their parents to go and watch the film. The issue which was a taboo and discussed behind closed doors so far, has now come out in the open. People will now talk about sperm donors and infertility normally," said Sircar to the media.

Starring newcomers Ayushmann Khurana and Yami Gautam, the director puts the success of ‘Vicky donor’ to the unusual subject and the honesty of the story.

"Unusual subjects attract, but cannot sustain the film. To my knowledge, what worked was the story and the honesty of the characters. Nowhere did we try to make it dramatic. The cultural clash and the progressive characters worked."