New stream cinema stands out for its relevance & closeness to reality

MUMBAI: Actor Rishi Kapoor strongly believes that one needs to make films which are very relevant in today’s times and the dialogues also have to be tailored to suit contemporary subjects.
Speaking at the NewStream session devoted to the film Love Aaj Kal at the ongoing 11th Osian’s Cinefan Film Festival, he said dialogue are nothing but spoken words and have to convey the message that the film is trying to convey.
Imtiaz Ali, writer and director of the film, said the change in the dialogues of today’s films itself shows that the NewStream cinema is here to stay because it is real and believable. He said the language outside and inside the theatre has grown much closer which is evident from the dialogues being written nowadays. 
As a director, Imtiaz said there had been times he could not shoot a scene the way he had planned, and so instead of feeling frustrated, he tried to enjoy the nuances of the scene that had been shot. "Unpredictability gives me a high," he added.
Kapoor agreed, and said the director has to be in harmony with the actors. 
While deciding on his cast, Ali likes those who can relate to their real life nature as in the case of Deepika Padukone who in her real life is quite similar to the character Meera. He said this suited him as he got the maximum out of his characters as they could identify with the character. 
The NewStream panel discussion is a new introduction in the Festival, where crew members of some off-beat films made in the mainstream genre share their insights with the audience. Besides Ali and Kapoor, those who were present included sound designer Dilip Subrananiam.
Referring to NewStream Cinema, Kapoor said today’s generation of actors is more spontaneous, natural and non-stylized. Ali added that actors looked better because of their talent.