No One Killed Jessica’s director says no to stars


MUMBAI: It takes guts to work with newcomers when you have practically the whole industry’s A-listers clamouring to work with you. After working with two of the top leading ladies – Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan – in No One Killed Jessica and thereafter being in the position to pick and choose his stars as he likes, Rajkumar Gupta has decided to do what no successful director would.

He will voluntarily work with newcomers in his next film Ghanchakkar.

That’s a decision the intrepid director took after re-working his script, which moves very far away from his first two films Aamir and No One Killed Jessica in terms of content mood and execution.

Apparently on re-working the script Gupta found Ghanchakkar worked much better without stars.

Interestingly he was earlier keen to cast either of his No One Killed Jessica heroines Rani or Vidya, as there’s a major female protagonist’s part in Ghanchakkar. Vidya had been finalized for one of the parts. However, now it’s newcomers all the way in Ghanchakkar.

Explaining his change of heart the ardent filmmaker tells, “I was in Spain on the jury of the Granada Film Festival. My film No One Killed Jessica was also in the non-competitive section. That’s when I got a chance to write another draft of my Ghanchakkar script. I realized the film’s characters work much better with new faces and there’s so much talent in theatre. I want to make use of that.”