Not being egoistic in suggesting character change: Anupam Kher

Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein
MUMBAI: Actor Anupam Kher, who came up with the idea of making his character blind in "Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein", says he was not trying to flaunt his experience while suggesting the change in his role to director Pramod Joshi.

"My director did not like my suggestion at the last minute and I am sure he had his reasons to do that. But the film is a collective effort and I was not trying to project my ego or my experience of doing so many years of work. I was basically keeping the film in mind," Anupam told reporters.

"Chhodo Kal ki Baatein" is made in Marathi and Hindi. Joshi, is a known name in Marathi films thanks to his films like "Raajkaaran" and "Tujhya-Majhyat".

"…Unfortunately the idea came to me just three seconds before the first shot was to be taken. But, now when you see the film, hopefully you will also think that this role couldn’t have been played if it was not a blind man," the 57-year-old said adding that now even the director is convinced.

It was tough for the seasoned actor too to change gears at the last minute.

"It was going to be difficult for me. You can’t start playing a blind man on the spot. But, I got one hour and it was difficult but we managed somehow," he said.

Slated for a April 12 release, it also stars Sachin Khedekar and Mrinal Kulkarni.