Now a feature film on L.K Advani

LK Advani
MUMBAI: Films on the lives of politicians have always been looked on suspicion in this country. The late Jagmohan Mundhra couldn’t make a film on Sonia Gandhi in his lifetime. But Mani Shankar who last directed ‘Knock Out’ a film on money from India being whisked away into foreign banks, is planning a film based on the life of a well-known living politician, and that too without the fear of an outcry or being stopped mid-way.
The public figure much in the news and the subject of Mani Shankar’s bio-pic is none other than L.K Advani. Says Mani, “Advaniji’s daughter Pratibha has been incredibly invaluable in shedding light on her father’s life.”
Apparently Mani will devote a lot of screen time in the bio-pic to L K Advani’s relationship with his daughter which, says Mani, echoes Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s beautiful bonding with his daughter Indira.
The director is now in the process of penning the bio-pic. “It’s a time-consuming task. But I am in no hurry,” says Mani confidently.
What gives this political saga a unique spin is the fact that L K Advani completely trusts the director and would be willing to share all the details of his life. Says Mani, “It’s voluminous task. I am not interested in the politician. I am interested in the humanbeing.”
And now the crucial question.Who will play L K Advani?
Says Mani, “It’s too early to discuss the casting.”
But we know what who is the first choice to the senior Advani.
The Big B, Amitabh Bachchan, of course.