Now, another film on 26 July

MUMBAI: The day the rain God lashed its fury on Mumbai – 26 July, is now being captured on celluloid. The film, titled 26th July at Barista, showcases the grim reality of that day is set to release on 26 July, 2007.


The film is inspired from a true story. Mohan Sharma, the director of the film, says, “Since I saw the tragedy of 26 July from a close quarter as I was trapped at Juhu Barista, I witnessed the pain and helplessness that prevailed all around. In order to share those experiences, I came up with the idea of a film around the same incident.â€Â


The film has been shot at the actual location and the flood scenes have been re-created to rekindle the reality of that day. The film stars Rohini Hattangadi, Kabir Sawhney and Simran Vaid.

 Prior to this, filmmaker Ashok Pandit had made a documentary on the same incident titled Paani.

Ruhail Amin

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