OMG: Intimate Personal Questions Asked On Bigg Boss 8 Day 1 Task


Sneak-20Breaking : Day 1 Tasks Details .We can now confirm to you some of the tasks that are going to be happening in the BIgg Boss Season 8 house.

Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss season 8 is going to be a crazy house this year for sure . We can now confirm that intimate questions were asked to  the participants of the house.

While the rumour of the cycle task has been around we can now confirm to you the same. The cycle task is for water, whenever their is usage the contestants have to cycle to get water for bathing.

Our source adds “Another shocking task on day one was when Bigg Boss asks the contestants to reveal some very intimate secrets about their lives.”

The Task is related to the luggage of the contestants and  only if they answer revealing personal questions about them selves will they get the luggage.

Some of the embarrassing personal questions that were asked to the contestants were.

Have you done anything that you consider shameful in front of your parents ?

Have you used a woman or any man sexually or other way for you own benefit ?

With such intimate things starting on Day one itself one can only expect madness in the days to come .Welcome to the Bigg Boss house and stay tuned for more breaking stories here on

Final contestants revealed below