Onir’s film inspires Yash Raj’s Mere Brother Ki Dulhan?

Mumbai: Onir’s 2008 rom-com Sorry Bhai seems to bear  resemblances to Yashraj’s Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Both the films are about a dysfunctional family and the elder son’s wedding where the groom’s younger brother falls in love with his Bhaiyya’s bride-to-be.

Admittedly the Yashraj film directed  by debutant Ali Abbas Zafar has far more over-the-top characters and performances. But the resemblances are for all to see. And Onir is certainly dying to.

Says Onir, “I usually avoid seeing  films I can’t relate to. But this one is different. Yes, I’ve heard of the similarities to my film. What can I say? If people are inspired by your work you feel privileged. But I do remember  people thought the idea of a bride-to-be falling in love with her groom’s bother to be sinful when Sorry Bhai was released. I am eager to see how people will perceive the premise of a dulhan running away with her brother-in-law.”

Onir does see the similarities between his film and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan as more than coincidental. However he feels there isn’t much he can do about it. “The copyright laws in this country are not strong enough. And I’m sure the treatment of the story is  different. Copyright laws do not consider similarities in the premise.”

The Yashraj spokesperson dismisses the seeming resemblances between Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Sorry Bhai. “ I don’t think such simplistic readings of two films should form the basis of  such a conclusion. The two films couldn’t be more different.”