OnMobile and Madison World team up to launch Kabuza Marketing

MUMBAI:  OnMobile Global has entered into a strategic venture with Madison World to launch Kabuza Marketing, a mobile marketing company in India and the Indian sub-continent.

The new company will focus on leveraging the OnMobile multi – channel advertising and marketing platform which uses various channels including AdRBT, SMS, USSD, WAP, Video, and Audio.

OnMobile CEO chairman and co-founder Arvind Rao said, “This joint venture is one of its kind and has the potential to revolutionize both the mobile VAS and the traditional marketing functions. With the onset of 3G, this venture will open up even newer opportunities for more impactful marketing campaigns. It will successfully leverage the mobile reach, installed infrastructure and telecom operator relationships of OnMobile and the marketing and advertising capabilities, client base and market presence of Madison World. I am most excited about this partnership as it brings together two leaders to deliver the best market solutions.”

Madison World chairman and managing director Sam Balsara said, “What excites me about mobile is its interactive, personalized and always-on attributes accompanied by unbelievable reach in numbers (600 million+). So far we have thought of mobile as an advertising medium given its high reach but the total advertising market in India is restricted to about Rs. 20,000 crores, where as the potential opportunity to sell products and services and conduct commerce through mobile is Rs. 200,000 crores and our attempt is to tap into this opportunity which should provide top marketers a cost effective distribution channel, bring in a lot of long tail businesses, in addition to large marketers, into the gamut and provide consumers a convenient option to order and pay for products and services through the comfort and convenience of their very own mobile.”