Ormax Media launches film awareness tracking tool Cinematix


MUMBAI: Ormax Media has launched a new weekly tracking tool called Cinematix, which measures audience’s awareness and interest levels for upcoming movies.

Cinematix is a first of its kind syndicated, consumer research product for the Indian film industry. It is currently being conducted across three cities – Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad. Theatre visitors in the 15-34 SEC AB segment, are interviewed for their awareness and interest levels of upcoming releases.

Ormax Media co-founder and CEO Shailesh Kapoor said, "Pre-release awareness and intention to watch are the factors affecting the opening weekend collections of a film. Tracking these key variables is a norm across Hollywood studios. Such tracking is characterized by immediacy and action orientation. Basis the response, you may relook at your media and creative strategies during the pre-launch phase. Once we have a body of data in place over a few weeks, Cinematix will allow producers to predict their opening weekend collections as well."

A film enters the Cinematix track from around six weeks prior to its release date, and stays till the day of release. The subscribers of Cinematix will get a detailed report every Monday with age, gender, city and SEC-wise analysis, for all films releasing in the corresponding period, as well as daily scores in the week of release.